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Stop (R1-1)

Edge Lit Traffic Sign

ELLUMIN TM LED STOP signs (R1-1)conforms to the specifications of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) set forth in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

Built-in three advanced function switch:

Switch 1:Flashing mode switch

Switch 2:Photocell switch

Switch 3:Auto-Dimming switch

  • Description

    Brief Description.

    ELLUMIN TM LED edge lit signs STOP (R1-1)conforms to the specifications of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) set forth in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

    Using the latest advances in LED technology, the edge lit signs:

    ①High intensity LEDs -The STOP sign embeds a set of synchronized high-intensity LEDs, extend the range of visibility of the sign during the day and night.

    ②Simultaneous flash LEDs- Greater increases drivers awareness in high-risk,and high-accident intersections.


    •The STOP edge lit sign meets MUTCD section 2A.07 and 2A.08 compliant.

    •High intensity LEDs flash simultaneously, guide drivers’ attention day and night.

    •Built-in three advanced function switch: Flashing mode switch,Photocell switch,Auto-Dimming switch for different needs.

    •Double deck Aluminum Composite Panels, strong bending resistance.

    •Long life span. 3 Years Warranty.

    •Low power consumption.

    •Easily installation.

    •Low maintenance.

    •Vandal-resistant mounting accessories included.

    Solar powered with battery backup, When no AC power availablenot affected by local grid power outages.


    High accident intersections.

    Pedestrian crossing.

    School, Public park, Square, Market, Hospital...

  • Specification

    Product Code


    Sign Type and Size

    Reflective Sheeting

    LED Color

    Activation Options (select only one)


    AC: AC

    R1-1-24: 24" x 24" Stop

    3M DG³ (Red)
    1.Anti-graffiti Protective Overlay


    ·General function
    Switch 1:Flashing mode switch
    Switch 2:Photocell switch
    Switch 3:Auto-Dimming switch

    ·Custom activation mode selection
    Option 1:Touch-Button
    Option 2:Push-Button
    Option 3:Pedestrian Automatic Activation Bollards
    Option 4: infrared sensor

    S: Solar

    R1-1-30: 30" x 30" Stop

    R1-1-36: 36" x 36" Stop

    Power optionalSolar / Cable).

    1.Multiple options for satisfying any demands in the different regions.

    ①Cable type(AC):110V-220V .

    ②Solar type(SU):solar panel to be 14 volt 20 watt.

    2.Solar type

    ①Solar type equips backup battery that will prevent from outage caused by local gird of power failure.

    ②Built-in solar-dimming system:LED can automatically dim at night in order to reduce glare for motorists.


    1.0.433” double layer aluminium-plastic paneldurable which is hard to bend

    2.Stainless steel fasteners and sealed glue which is durable,weatherproof and anti-rust.

    3.All mounting accessories are anti- theft & vandal-resistant .

    4.Advanced technology-sealed PCB technology circuitry.

    5. Integrated design avoids internal components’ excessive heat or condensation condition.

    6. Unique integrated design construction.

    Not easy to be destroy.

    Long life span. Can be used for up to 10 years.

    Reflective Sheeting.

    1.High-intensity red color 3M DG³reflective sheeting.

    2.Full-cube prismatic reflective sheeting brings excellent reflective effect which can satisfy different kinds of needs of visibility.

    3.Anti-graffiti protective overlay prevent from dirt.

    LED Lighting.

    1.High-intensity LED has outstanding brightness which visible distance can reach up 1 mills,It can still have the same excellent effect even if in the terrible weather.

    2.LED light color: Red LED standard conform to MUTCD Section 2A.07.

    3.LED flash rate at 50 to 60 times per minut is accordance to MUTCD Section 2A.07 requirements.

    4.LED expectancy life can reach to 100000 hours.

    Low Consumption.

    Continuous 70 hours operation when the solar type is fully charged.

    Easy and fast installation.

    1.Aluminum groove fixing way avoids injuring neither the surface nor the internal components of sign.

    2.Solar type is available for off grid-power condition.

    Convenient & Low Maintenance.

    Great Self-cleaning ability prevents from dirt and stains.


    3 Years Warranty.

  • Activations

    General function selection.(Built-in three advanced function switch:)

    Switch 1:Flashing mode switch



    Switch 2:Photocell switch

    ①ON-Automatically turn on at dark for saving power

    ②OFF-Light all the time

    Switch 3:Auto-Dimming switch

    Auto-Dimming:Advanced Auto-Dimming technology for saving energy which automatically adjusting light brightness according to the surrounding brightness

    Custom activation mode selection.

    Option 1:Touch-Button

    Comparing to traditional Press-Button, the Touch-Button is available with gently touch that brings you more convenience.

    Option 2:Push-Button

    Press the button to active.

    Option 3:Pedestrian Automatic Activation Bollards

    Sensitive infrared sensing pedestrian Automatic Activation Bollards can accurately catch the movements of pedestrian for activating. One direction detection design. (Click to know more about Pedestrian Automatic Activation Bollards)

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