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ELLUMIN Cloud Warning System,build a cloud warning platform for the smart city,easy to control the smart ELLUMIN traffic signs under a map-based cluster monitoring management.

①24/7 monitoring devices.
②Online monitoring function for dedication devices.
③Receive immediate Email/web page notifications when a traffic emergency occurs or traffic device maintenance is needed.
④It can generate professional data reports and provide strong data support according to customers demand.

Monitoring Device.

①Monitoring device's operation and display in map pattern,and supprot to filter the dedicated deivice.
②Monitoring device's operation,and support to control device online.
③Supporting search historical data for conveniently count people and car traffic.

Traffic Police Monitoring Center Community Police

Programmable Control.

①Easy-to-Use Custom Calendar Editor.

②Ellumin-Managed Scheduling.

③ Remote On Demand Manual Flash Activation.

Emergency Notification.

When a traffic emergency occurs or there is something wrong with the device,workers will immediately receive the notifications through E-mail and web page.

Traffic Emergency Occurs Notification Traffic Device Maintenance Notification

Date Reporting.

①It can generate professional data reports by capturing, filtering, summarizing, analyzing and summarizing the data of the day.

②Provide strong data support by historical data exported to EXCEL in chronological order.

ELLUMIN Cloud Warning Platform, as the core processor of road safety warning system,including Smart Pedestrian System,Water Level Warning System,Road Icing Warning System,One-way Road Retrograde Warning System,Height Limit Warning System,Speed Limit Warning System,Driverless Label System,Low visibility Warning System.

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