ellumin-cloud new

The cloud warning platform is a technology-based platform developed by ELLUMIN. It can be connected with all ELLUMIN pre-warning systems to help you better solve traffic problems and manage traffic order

Monitoring Device

You can click device to monitor it’s operation status.Supporting find device through map and key words.
ELLUMIN Cloud-Monitoring Device-new1

Online Control Device

You can remotely change the operating status of the device.
ELLUMIN Cloud-Online Control Device-new2

Programmable Control

Customize calendar editor is easy to schedule control devices.(Based on the calendar year with the ability to program in holidays and daylight for savings time,ideal for school, business and industrial facility work schedules).
ELLUMIN Cloud-Programmable Control-new3

Data Reporting

It can generate professional data reports by capturing, filtering, summarizing, analyzing the data of the day.

Provide strong data support by historical data exported to EXCEL in chronological order.

ELLUMIN Cloud-Data Reporting-new4

Emergency Notification

When a traffic emergency occurs or there is something wrong with the device, workers will immediately receive the notifications through E-mail and web page.
ELLUMIN Cloud-Emergency Notification-new5