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ELLUMIN Pedestrian Crossing Signs


Fully Lit Sign’s whole board lighted equally,no halo and greatly increase luminous area,easily attract people’s attention to effectively warn the driver and pedestrian during the day and night.

  • Description

    Brief Description.

    Smart ELLUMIN TM Fully lit sign is SP new developed product that is an innovation of the traditional external light sign,gathers lower Energy,Less Maintenance,Slim Design,More Environmental,Better Visibility and Easy for Installation & Replaceable parts.


    Whole LED board lights equally,no halo,no glare.
    Anti-graffiti protective overlay prevents from dirt.
    Easy installation, low maintenance.

  • Specifications

    Product Code Power Sign Type and Size Material
    Fully lit sign-pedestrian crossing sign AC: AC 24" x 24";31.5" x 31.5" PC light diffusion sheet +High level light transmissive Acrylic light guide plate+ Anti-oxidation aluminium-plastic panel+Avery 6600T reflective film
    S: Solar

    Power optional(Solar / Cable):

    1.Multiple options for satisfying any demands in the different regions.
    ①Cable type(AC):AC110~220V
    ②Solar type(SU):DC12V 40W Solar Module(or customized 80w)


    1.Panel is durable which is hard to bend.
    2.Unique integrated design construction.
    ①Not easy to be destroy.
    ②Long life span. Can be used for up to 10 years.
    3. Integrated design avoids internal components’ excessive heat or condensation condition.
    4.Stainless steel fasteners and sealed glue which is durable,weatherproof and anti-rust.
    5.Aluminum groove fixing way avoids injuring neither the surface nor the internal components of sign.
    6.Advanced technology-sealed PCB technology circuitry.

  • Activations

    General function selection.(Built-in three advanced function switch:)

    Switch 1:Flashing mode switch


    Switch 2:Photocell switch
    ①ON-Automatically turn on at dark for saving power
    ②OFF-Light all the time

    Switch 3:Auto-Dimming switch
    Auto-Dimming:Advanced Auto-Dimming technology for saving energy which automatically adjusting light brightness according to the surrounding brightness

    Custom activation mode selection.
    Option 1:Touch-Button
    Comparing to traditional Press-Button, the Touch-Button is available with gently touch that brings you more convenience.

    Option 2:Push-Button
    Press the button to activate.

    Option 3:Pedestrian Automatic Activation Bollards
    Sensitive infrared sensing pedestrian Automatic Activation Bollards can accurately catch the movements of pedestrian for activating. One direction detection design. (Click to know more about Pedestrian Automatic Activation Bollards)

    Option 4:Artificial Intelligence Detector
    When the Artificial Intelligence Detector captured the pedestrians in the sensing area for activating.

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