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Intelligent Pedestrian Bollards

PAAB-003 contains a main pillar and an auxiliary column,they are the assistant devices of pedestrian crossing safety system in intelligent traffic.A zebra crossing needs a set of Pedestrian Automatic Activation Bollards which includes two main pillars and two auxiliary,and they should install at the two sides of a zebra crossing. Two signal lights on the pillar adopt image warning way, the display screen adopts text warning way, and the voice warning module adopts voice alarm way,full journey inform the pedestrian zebra situation,warn them pay attention to the zebra crossing safety and develop the civilized habit.(Customizable display screen text content and voice warning content)
  • Description


    1. The three-dimensional warning:

    - There is one LED signal light on the top and one at the back of the pillar, providing full journey warning for the pedestrians who are ready to enter the zebra crossing and who are in the zebra crossing.
    -Front patch LED display screen:Having larger angle than the traditional plug-in display screen, pedestrians can clearly see the contents of the display screen no matter at the front or at the side.
    -New adding the voice warning is more straightforward and convenient for visually impaired people which can bring greater warning effect than the traditional red and green signal light.
    2. It can be used with our cloud warning platform to achieve the online monitoring equipment,data collection and data analysis function.
  • Specification

    Pedestrian Road Crossing Voice Alarm Pillar.

    1.Product Material:Galvanized Sheet+Plastic Coating
    2.Product Color:Yellow(Customizable)
    3.Product Size::320(l)*300(w)*1200(h)Mm
    4.Product Weight:22kg
    5.Operating Voltage:Ac 90-240v,5.10-60hz
    6.Waterproof Level:Ip65.1
    7.Work Temperature:-40℃~+80℃

    LED Signal Light.
    2.Pattern:Red“×” And Green“↑” / Yellow“●”
    3.LED Pcs:Red“×”:44pcs/Green“↑”42pcs/Yellow:40pcs
    4.LED Brightness Intensity:≥4000cd/ m²
    5.LED Wavelength:Red:620-625nm/Green:518-520nm/Yellow:588-590nm
    6.Operating Voltage:Dc 12v
    7.Rated Power:<20w
    8.Work Temperature:-40℃ ~+80℃
    9.Visible Angle:>30°
    10.Visible Distance:>300m
    11.Operating Life:>50000 Hours
    12.Withstand Wind:>150km/Hour
    13.Operating Humidity:10%~95%Rh

    LED Display Screen.
    1.Light-Emitting Tube:

    type tube model wavelength brightness
    red tube 3535 620-630nm 500mcd
    green tube 520-525nm 1300mcd
    2.Display Screen Area:0.1024M2
    3.Module Resolution:16(H)×64(W)
    4.Pixel Spacing:10mm
    5.Pixel Density:10000 P/M²
    6.Brightness Intensity:≥4000cd/M²
    7.View Angle (Horizontal/Vertical):horizontal:≥110°,vertical≥110°
    8.Optimal Visible Distance:5M~30M
    9.Grayscale Level/Display Color:65536 level grayscale
    10.Frame Change Rate:≥60 frame/S
    11.Refresh Rate::≥1000Hz/S
    12.Working Time:>72 (H)
    13.Display Screen Life:>50,000(H)
    14.Display Screen MTBF(Normal Operation Average Time):>8,000(H)
    15.Blind Point Rate:≤0.0001
    16.Input Signal / Control Mode: GPRS control
    17.Control Distance:nationwide
    18.Surface Flatness:<1mm
    19.Operating Temperature:-40℃~+80℃
    20.Operating Humidity:10%~98%RH
    21.Waterproof Level:IP65
    22.Light-Emitting Device Driving Method: 1/4 scan constant current driving
    23.Protective System:over temperature/overload/power failure
    24.Operating Voltage:AC90-240V,50-60HZ
    25.Power Consumption:full display screen brights/70W
    26.Protective Technology:Moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-static

  • Application
    Install at the road section of red and green signal light
    installed independently at the road section without red and green signal light
    installed with ELLUMIN road stud at the road section without red and green signal light

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