Download Electronic Whistle


Whistles are common equipment used by traffic police to guide traffic, but whistling for a long time requires great physical strength and is inconvenient to use on duty. Especially when car exhaust emissions, smog, or infectious epidemics occur, front-line traffic police can easily become a group with high incidence of respiratory diseases. How can we not only protect the health of front-line traffic policemen, but also bring convenience to their traffic command work, it is worth our thinking.


The electronic whistle integrates the whistle function in a small baton.Just press the switch gently, and the high-decibel whistle sounds immediately. The disadvantages of inconvenience and unhygienic whistle are completely avoided. When the whistle sounds, the laser light on the waist is turned on simultaneously, which effectively and accurately warns traffic violations in the night environment.


1.Weight is only 111g, lightweight and convenient.

2.The button switch starts the whistle / laser light / red and blue lights, easy to operate.

3.High decibel whistle alarm, strong warning effect.

4.Long visible distance of laser, strong warning effect.

5.Rope at handle for easy carrying.

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