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More and more people choose to travel by car with the greatly improved of living standard.It also increases the traffic accident rate. According to the transport department statistics:In the China, 100,000 people die on the road traffic injuries occur each year, approximately claiming a life every five minutes. In addition,more people who incur injuries by non-fatal road traffic accident, many of whom are left with lifelong disabilities. At the same time, the traffic accidents results in economic losses amounting to tens of billions of RMB each year.

Building of the road civilization is looming lower and lower over our head.

Ellumin company faces challenges,designs three versions of smart pedestrian system solution.

(Intelligent traffic solution use in CHINA.)

Smart pedestrian crossing system is specially designed for zebra crossing area.Edge lit+full lit led sign and embedded road studs will flash when pedestrian trigger infrared sensing systems for warning drivers. In the same time,illumination lamp automatically open and the voice warning start to broadcast.It can powerfully reduce the risk of traffic accident.

Many of the accidents occurred on the zebra crossing were due to the driver has visual blind spots.Traditional sidewalk sign is weak in warning effect.Ellumin company faces challenges,designs Smart Pedestrian Crossing Sign.The Smart Crosswalk Sign adopts a new design of full lit & edge lit, and equipped with an infrared sensing system, a voice broadcast system and wireless road studs to simultaneously issue a warning signal when a pedestrian passes. 360°stereo to warning the drivers,alleviate the harm caused by blind spots in the visual area.


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