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Traditional traffic equipment relies heavily on the very basic and limited warning capabilities that have not kept pace with our busier, more congested road networks, this technology has simply not evolved with the time. A consequence of this is that incident rates remain relatively high whilst the impact of traditional traffic equipment is relatively low.
Ellumin has developed a series of intelligent pedestrian systems designed for today’s congested roads.

Objective Dual-Aspect Warning for Both Driver and Pedestrian
Non-Light control area-intelligent pedestrian systems comprehensively monitor the pedestrians are crossing or will cross crosswalks for alerting drivers there ahead will  be pedestrians,please slow down and give way;alerting pedestrians you will pass crosswalks, please be careful,ensuring the safety of both driver and pedestrian.

Multiple Activation Modes for Great Warning
①Three activation modes for satisfying complex traffic condition in urban area.
②Use dual warning road stud for both the safety of driver and pedestrian.
③Use fully lit & edge lit traffic sign and pedestrian fill light system (Operate all night,stop at the day) for effective warning in both day and night.

No Need of Power Supply for Convenient Warning
①Use solar module and solar road stud for installing without wiring.
②Use edge lit traffic sign, one-way warning road stud, and conditional pedestrian fill light system (The pedestrian fill light system only operates when the intelligent pedestrian system is activated) for ensuring effective warning and energy saving.

Regional Monitoring for Accurate Warning
①Use two activation modes,touch button and microwave radar detector(Help expand detecting zone) for accurately capturing every pedestrian will cross the fork to activate system and ensuring their safety.
②Use edge lit traffic sign and conditional pedestrian fill light system (The pedestrian fill light system only operates when the intelligent pedestrian system is activated) for effectively warning drivers in advance and leaving them enough emergency processing time.


Regulate Pedestrians’ Traffic Behaviors,improve Pedestrians’ Traffic Quality

Traffic lights are often placed in areas where traffic is large to regulate the traffic behavior of the drivers and the pedestrians. However, the actual binding force of traffic lights on the pedestrians is poor, and the behavior of pedestrians smashing red lights always happens. This not only violates the traffic rules, increases the road burden, but also has serious traffic safety hazards. The Light Control Area-Intelligent pedestrian systems aim to urge the pedestrians to abide by traffic rules, regulate the pedestrians’ traffic behaviors, enhance pedestrians’ traffic safety awareness, and ensure the pedestrians safety.

1. Light control area can be used with red and green signal light; non-light control area can be used alone, or it can be used with our company's road studs to achieve the two-aspect warning effect. (Note: When used alone, the front,back LED signals shows yellow “SLOW”and“●”warning sign;When the pedestrians cross between the bollards,the voice alert module sounds ).
2. The front side adopts the patch type LED display, which has larger angle comparing to the traditional plug-in display. The pedestrians can clearly see the content on the display at the front and the side,and the warning effect is better.
3. Voice and text content can be customized and used more flexibly.
4. Openable maintenance door makes maintenance more convenient.

ELLUMIN cloud platform is an important part of the smart city which can monitor the operation of the devices, aswell as collect and analyze the devices' statistic for you.
1.Data Reporting
①It can generate professional data reports by capturing, filtering, summarizing, analyzing and summarizing the data of the day.
②Provide strong data support by historical data exported to EXCEL in chronological order.

2.Monitoring Device

Monitoring device's operation and display in map pattern,and support to filter the dedicated device.

3.Online Control Device
Remotely change the operating status of the device online.

4.Programmable Control

Customize Calendar Editor is easy to schedule Manage devices.(Based on the calendar year with the ability to program in holidays and daylight savings time,ideal for school, business and industrial facility work schedules).

5.Emergency Notification

When a traffic emergency occurs or there is something wrong with the device, workers will immediately receive the notifications through E-mail and web page.

We aim to use our early warning signals to reduce traffic accidents, and make every warning signal worthwhile.




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