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Speed Indicator Device

Radar Speed Signs is effective at slowing speeding drivers down.

  • Description


    Speed Indicator Device (SID), also known as Radar Speed Sign, Your Speed Warning Sign, Driver Feedback Sign .
    SID detects speeding vehicle by Doppler K-band radar to warn motorists that their speed is above the limit and display
    their actual speed together. Limit speed is adjustable to alter the speed threshold as conditions change.

    ELLUMIN SID is used across the country, and around the world, because it is effective at slowing speeding drivers down .

    Tests repeatedly show that:
    ·Speeders will slow down up to 80% of the time when alerted by a SID
    ·Typical speed reductions are 10-20%
    ·Overall compliance with the posted speed limit will go up by 30-60%

    ·ELLUMIN SID is particularly effective at getting “super speeders” to slow down

    Support real-time control,data collection,universal mounting,and cloud compatibility.

  • Specification
    1.Product Name: SID-001
    2.Material: Galvanized iron/aluminum(optional)
    3.Display Mode: 2-digit LED display(1-99km/h) *Customized 3 digits is available.
    4.Frame Size: (W)712mm*(H)712mm*(T)108mm
    5.Operating Temperatures F(C): -20℃to +80℃
    6.Speed Units: km/h
    7.Working Voltage: DC8-12.6V
    8.Standby Power Consumption:<0.2W; Max Power Consumption:12W
    9.Faceplate: Display for the yellow numbers for car speed; product around with the yellow reflective film write the black word "YOUR SPEED"

    10.Waterproof Level: IP65

    Limit speed can be set by switch integrated in PCB board inside
    Two strobe lights flash together or in turn, adjustable.
    Limit speed is adjustable to alter the speed threshold as conditions change.

    Power supply mode
    Battery power is available, 4 Battery holders are built inside of back door
    Standard: max. 4pcs * 9AH maintenance-free batteries (optional 40W solar panel)
    Optional: max. 4pcs * 12AH maintenance-free batteries(optional 80W solar panel)
    City power 110-240V is available

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