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Speed Indicator Device

Speed indicator device detects speeding vehicle by Doppler k-band radar to warn motorists that their speed has exceeded the limit and displays their actual speed together, timely reminds the drivers to slow down.Effectively reducing the road traffic accidents which is caused by over-speed.
  • Description


    Speed Indicator Device (SID), also known as Radar Speed Sign, Your Speed Warning Sign, Driver Feedback Sign .
    SID detects speeding vehicle by Doppler K-band radar to warn motorists that their speed is above the limit and display their actual speed together. Limit speed is adjustable to alter the speed threshold as conditions change.

    ①Durable material cabinet with black paint design for Anti-oxidation,weatherproof and longer service life.
    ②Tests repeatedly show that:
    -When the drivers compliance with the speed radar,their average speed reductions are 30-60%.
    -When the drivers are alerted by the posted radar, speeders will slow down up to 80% of the time.
    ③Display in bright color,dynamic digital,emoj face and text feedback patterns,easily attract people's attention for effective warning.
    ④Universal mounting,support real-time control,data collection,,and cloud compatibility.
    ⑤LED with optic lens,making high light transmittance and preventing from secondary reflection problem.

  • Specification

    1.Material:Galvanized iron/aluminum(optional)
    2.Display Mode:3-digit LED display(1-199km/h)
    3.Frame Size:(W)861mm*(H)1310mm*(T)108mm
    4.Speed Units:KM/H
    5.Operating Temperatures:-20℃ to +80℃
    6.Standby Power Consumption:1.2W;Max Power Consumption:20W
    7.Faceplate:SID-003 driver feedback sign detects and shows vehicle’s actual speed.
    Furthermore, it shows THANK YOU together with Smiling Face in green color for non-speeding vehicle, but shows SLOW DOWN together with Crying Face in red color for speeding vehicle.
    8.Waterproof Level:IP65
    9.Response Time:≤5ms
    10.Radar Type:Doppler radar(24.150GHz±25MHz)
    11.Power Supply:AC 110~240V or DC12V 80W solar module(or customized)
    12.Pickup Distance:Around 150m
    13.Visible Distance:Around meters

  • Application

    - Urban rapid road, highway, Suburban cables, speed limit road...

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