Intelligent Pedestrian System Showed at Jinhua, How Many Ways Can Artificial Intelligence Play

The crosswalk is a necessary area at every junction, and we all pass it countless times every day. But because of the surrounding environment is dim at night, the crosswalk seem to become invisible which is dangerous even deadly to pedestrians. Is there a kind of crosswalk can glow, enhancing the warning effect for drivers at night?
Recently, a light-up crosswalk in Jinhua has attracted the attention of many people. It is very intelligent, when pedestrians pass the crosswalk, the road studs and the LED warning sign toward drivers will flash to prewarn drivers yield to pedestrians.
This magical crosswalk, also called “Intelligent Pedestrian System” or “Smart crosswalk”, was developed by ELLUMIN to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians, to improve the efficiency of traffic, and the system was put into use on March 15, 2019 in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province.

Simultaneous Pre-warning for Drivers and Pedestrians to Enhance Zebra Crossing Safety

When pedestrians are going to cross the intelligent crosswalk,the road studs and LED warning sign toward drivers flash to warn drivers to yield to pedestrians; at the same time, a voice alarm sounds and the pedestrian-facing road studs’ light panels flash to warn pedestrians who irregularly cross the crosswalk, such as “phubber”, to cross the crosswalk with caution.

Long Visibility Distance, Effectively Extending the Braking Distance of Vehicles

The LED light beads of the road studs toward to drivers’ perspective, and the brightness of them can reach up to 25,000mcd-30,000mcd,drivers can see up to 500m at night that effectively warn the driver to reduce the speed of vehicles approaching pedestrians, extend the braking distance of vehicles and improve the rate of yielding to pedestrians.

People Praise: They Feel Safer When Cross the Crosswalk

“I think this kind of crosswalk is particularly good which can prewarn drivers to yield to pedestrians.”
“I walked on the crosswalk and the light came on, it is pretty cool !”
“Since there is a illuminated crosswalk, I can prejudge whether there are pedestrians passing through the crosswalk.”
A great number of people who have experienced the smart crosswalk have praised the new creation.
With the coming of the intelligent era, ELLUMIN has integrated the use of information technology and intelligent technology to strengthen traffic management,enhance road safety and improve road traffic efficiency.