Guardrail Anti-collision Warning System


Drivers who drive while fatigued, at excessive speeds, or in emergency situations are prone to losing control of their vehicles and colliding with guardrails, crash barrels, water barriers, and other objects, resulting in traffic accidents. Additionally, because guardrails are made of steel, if they are not maintained in a timely manner after an accident, they can easily cause secondary injuries. However, since the police do not know the location and time of the accident, they cannot quickly rescue trapped individuals and vehicles, which can easily lead to further accidents.


The installation of a multifunctional guardrail light and control host on a waveform guardrail can enable real-time monitoring of highways, and the collection of location information for highway assets based on GPS and other technologies.

Under normal conditions, the yellow lights on the profile markers flash. When a vehicle passes by, they instantly turn into red lights and produce red tail marks, enabling the vehicle to be visually located. Once a vehicle collides with the guardrail or the guardrail tilts due to soft shoulders, the detector will send an alert through the cloud warning platform, and notify the police in real-time via mobile phone messages.

Additionally, there is a one-click alarm button on the profile marker. In the event of an accident, the accident personnel can report the incident to the background via the button and send location information, so that the police can arrive at the scene as soon as possible based on the location provided by the alarm, and handle the accident to avoid its escalation.


  • Timeliness, Effectiveness: Once the system is installed, in the event of a vehicle colliding with the guardrail or the guardrail tilting due to soft shoulders, relevant personnel will be promptly notified of the location of the accident. This can prevent the accident from further escalating and enable more accurate and efficient handling of the accident.
  • High functional integration: Includes vehicle visual positioning function, collision monitoring function, and one-click alarm function
  • The multi-functional guardrail light can run for a long time: The battery has a wide operating temperature range, can adapt to harsh environments, can be used for 3 years after charging, and has a long service life.
  • Easy to transport and install: The unique of the multi-functional guardrail light design is suitable for waveform guardrails and is easy to transport and install.


1. The Multi-functional Guardrail Light’s Control Box

-After the device is turned on, it will automatically seek the location through GPS. After the location is completed, it will enter the standby mode. After receiving the wireless alarm signal from the slave, it will send an alarm to the cloud through 4G, and then send it to the grid staff and the police in charge by SMS.

  • Solar power, easy for installation
  • One control box can connect many guardrail lights
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2. Multi-functional Guardrail Light

-Upon vehicle detection, the multifunctional profile markers shift to red lights, supplemented by red trailing indicator lights, to enhance vehicular visibility.
Should there be a detection of subgrade loosening or an impact involving a vehicle and the guardrail, the profile markers are designed to emit a wireless signal to the nearby mainframe. This is then relayed as an SMS alert through a cloud-based platform.
In the occurrence of an accident, the alarm button integrated into the profile marker allows for a one-click distress signal. This function initiates the transmission of the incident’s location, ensuring swift communication and response.

  • Solar power, wireless connection
  • LED + reflector, dual warning effective
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-Remotely Monitor and Manage
The cloud warning platform is a technology-based platform developed by ELLUMIN. It can be connected with all ELLUMIN pre-warning systems to help you better solve traffic problems and manage traffic order

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