Tunnel Collision Warning System


Due to the few reference objects, low contrast, and monotonous environment, the tunnel has a weak visual reference system, which is in sharp contrast with the violent transition visual reference system at the entrance and exit of the tunnel. It is easy to induce the black hole/white hole effect, resulting in reduced visual function of the driver and inability to judge the vehicle speed. and distance between vehicles. Moreover, most drivers do not turn on their tail lights after entering the tunnel, or due to various reasons such as tail light failure, dust accumulation, vehicles occupying the road in the tunnel, etc., drivers are unable to predict emergencies in the tunnel and cannot maintain a safe distance between vehicles, which can easily cause traffic accidents.


Ellumin Tunnel collision warning system, install the lights on both sides on the wall.
When no vehicles, Yellow/White led constant lighting, improve the brightness inside the tunnel.

When the vehicle passes, the lights turns into a red light in real time and produces a red trail, assisting the rear vehicle to determine the position of the preceding vehicle and maintaining a safe driving distance.

If a vehicle stays for more than a specified time (for example, 15s), the first-level alarm will be activated in real time, the lights will turn to a red light, and the Led Display Board outside the tunnel will display Warning Triangle to warn the car coming from behind. The road ahead is abnormal, please drive carefully.

If a vehicle stays for more than a specified period of time (for example, 30s), the secondary alarm will be activated in real time, the lights in the tunnel area will turn to a steady red light to warn the vehicles behind, the Led Display Board outside the tunnel will display Warning Triangle to warn the car coming from behind, and the voice alarm will prompt “Vehicles in the tunnel occupy the road, please pass slowly”. Early warning vehicles are about to enter the tunnel, there are abnormal conditions in the tunnel.


  • Simple and convenient installation and operation
  • Accurate detection and real-time activation
  • Sound and light three-dimensional warning, strong warning effect
  • Support customization and flexible application
  • Can connect to the ELLUMIN Cloud for better solving traffic problems and managing traffic order

Activation Equipment

Warning Accessory-Intelligent Tunnel Collision Warning Light

-After the device is turned on, it will automatically seek the location through GPS. After the location is completed, it will enter the standby mode. After receiving the wireless alarm signal from the slave, it will send an alarm to the cloud through 4G, and then send it to the grid staff and the police in charge by SMS.

  • Solar power, easy for installation
  • One control box can connect many guardrail lights
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Warning Equipment


-When the vehicle occupies the tunnel road for more than 15 seconds (the time range is adjustable from 15 seconds), the tunnel warning system is activated. The VMS installed at the beginning of the tunnel flashes and display a messages warning drivers that there is traffic jam in the tunnel to slow down

  • Variable Message Setting
  • Colorful Display
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-Remotely Monitor and Manage
The cloud warning platform is a technology-based platform developed by ELLUMIN. It can be connected with all ELLUMIN pre-warning systems to help you better solve traffic problems and manage traffic order

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