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Mobile Traffic Light, Traffic Lights


  • EN 12368 standard lamps
  • The distance from HRC and lantern head over 400m,guarantee the safety of operators.
  • Instead of traditional handle stop/go paddle.
  • One HRC can control 1pcs PTSU or 2pcs PTSU per set for different situations.
  • Fail warnings in case PTSU unpaired, low battery, doesn’t work, etc.
  • Tilt sensor included, Lantern changes to Yellow if fall down.
  • Expandable tough tripod, which can adjust not only the height but also the footprint.
  • IP 65 for outdoor usage.
  • Real time working condition on HRC and Lanterns.

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LED light size200mm ball
PTSU Battery12V 24AH LiFePO4
LED ColorRed, yellow, green
Working hoursOver 23hours
Tripod FootprintØ2.2m – 2.7m
Collapsed tripod dimensions130*20*20cm
Tripod pole100cm
Target BoardUnfold dimensions: 1066*561mm
HRC LED screen size630*450mm
HRC Battery3000MAH Super Lithium Polymer Battery
HRC Dimensions203.7(H)*83(W)*35.5 mm
  • The operator must be positioned in a safety area and is practicable from live traffic, have clear view of approaching road users for at least 120m in advance of each traffic lantern.
  • The operator not undertake any other work whilst in control of the traffic lantern(s).
  • The distance between each traffic lantern is no more than 400m.