European Speed Indicator Device, Speed Control Sign

SID-001-M EU

  • Solar /cable type optional.
  • Durable material cabinet for Anti-oxidation, weatherproof.
  • Display in bright color, dynamic digital and flashing strobe lights, text feedback patterns, emoji face, easily attract people’s attention for effective warning.
  • With P20 screen and optical lens which looks clearer and brighter
  • Can use with portable trailer for easier movement.
  • Can use with universal mounting bracket system, easily mount to circular, square or telespar poles.
  • Easily manage your devices and data with Cloud Platform&Bluetooth APP.

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Dimensions Specification
Frame Size(H)711mmx(W)711mm
AC Powered28lbs
Solar Powered41lbs
General Specification
MaterialAluminum(δ=2mm) cabinet
Display Mode2-digit LED display(1-99km/h)
Customized 3 digits is available.
Operating Temperatures-20℃ to +80℃
Working VoltageDC12V
Waterproof LevelIP65
Standby Power Consumption1.2W
Max Power Consumption12W
Visible DistanceAround 800m
Display Specification
LED796pcs Φ5mm LED with optics lens make perfect display 16*32cm P20 Lens Module
Digits size(H)381mm
Speed Violator Strobes78 White, 15°, 5mm
Display ColorRed and Green
Optical Lenses744pcs
Ambient light sensors1 sensor and automatic brightness control
Radar Sensor Specification
Radar TypeDoppler Radar(24.150GHz±25MHz)
Response Time≤20ms
Pickup DistanceAround 150m
Radar RF out5mW
Solar Type Electrical Specification
Power SupplySolar Module
Solar Panel TypeDC 12V 60W solar module(or customized)
Battery12V 36Ah
Cable Type Electrical Specification
Power SupplyAC 110-240V

2-year warranty on the radar speed sign,1-year warranty on the battery

Technical Support

Our technical support department can provide remote assistance to resolve the radar speed sign issues

Cloud Platform
Monitoring Device
  • Support searching for radar speed sign device through the map or keywords
  • Click on the device to view the current settings and operational status of each radar speed sign device
    • Current speed limit thresholds
    • Current cut off voltage
    • Current data upload time interval
    • Current device working state:Normal/Abnormal
    • Current device status: On/Off
    • Current device temperature
Online Control Device
  • Access the cloud platform via a mobile phone, tablet, or computer to remotely control radar speed sign devices, regardless of distance
    • Remotely turn on/off the device
    • Remote adjustment of speed limit thresholds
    • Remote adjustment of screen brightness
Programmable Control
  • Customize dates and time periods to control device activation
  • Can be programmed to control individual or multiple devices
Emergency Notification
  • When traffic emergencies or issues occur, administrators will receive notifications through email and the web immediately
  • Receive notifications for:
    • Low voltage notification
    • Device off-line notification
Automated Data Collection&Data Reporting
  • The radar speed sign automatically connects to the cloud and reports device data once powered on
  • Data reports can be exported by month, week, or day
  • Get data for:
    • Average speed data
    • Number of vehicles at speeds of 0-18.5mph/h, 18.5-37.5mph/h, 37.5-56 mph/h, and above 56mph/h
Bluetooth APP
Monitoring Device
  • Click on the device to view the current settings and operational status of each radar speed sign device
    • Current device temperature
    • Current device voltage
    • Current device status: On/Off
    • Current speed limit thresholds
Online Control Device
  • Turn on/off speed radar sign device
  • Adjust speed limit thresholds
Data Reporting
  • Data reports for the last 24 months can be exported
  • Get data for:
    • Average Speed Data
    • Number of Vehicles at Speeds of 0-18.5mph/h, 18.5-37.5mph/h, and above 37.5mph/h
    • Fastest Speed Data
  • Can use with portable trailer for easier movement.
  • Can use with universal mounting bracket system ,easily mount to circular, square or telespar poles.

– Urban rapid road, highway, suburban district,speed limit road…