Universal Mounting Bracket System UMB-001

  • Mount to circular, square or Telespar poles
  • Promotes sign portability, easily move sign between multiple locations
  • Sign locks into mounting bracket with a turn of a key
  • Theft resistant design

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Installing the Mounting Brackets

Installing Sign Bracket
Attach the Sign Bracket to the backside of the sign using the included hardware.

Figure 1: Use supplied hardware
Figure 2: Backside of Sign Bracket

Installing Pole Bracket
The Pole Bracket can be secured to any type of standard or Telespar type pole by a choice of banding straps, lag screws, or bolts and nuts.

Figure 3: Pole Bracket mounted to circular pole
Figure 4: Pole Bracket mounted to 2″ Telespar pole

Installation of Pole Bracket on Telespar Pole
Use the supplied 2.5″ stainless steel security bolts and nuts to secure the Pole Bracket to the 2″ Telespar pole.

The head of the bolt be placed on the Telespar pole
The nuts be placed on the inside part of the bracket

Installation of Pole Bracket on circular Pole

Pole Bracket banded to utility pole
Profile view of Pole Bracket

Mounting and Dismounting the Sign

Slide the sign down the bracket
Lock the sign in place