Water Level Warning System


Rainstorm is a typical severe weather, many countries especially in the low-lying land will face the sediment problem when it comes. In the rainstorm, the drivers and the pedestrians are prone to mistakenly judge the water height at the low-lying land causes high death rate. Ellumin company particularly make the water level warning system for the severe problem


Ellumin water level warning system can detect the water level in real time and support changing the water level warning standard. After the monitoring centre observe the irregular water level statistic, they can prepare to set road barrier at the problem region in advance.

When our system has detected the current water level exceeds the standard water level. On the one hand, the system will immediately notify the monitoring centre and the police who will set road barriers in the problem region for stopping the driver; on the other hand, it will illuminate the warning sign flashes and high-decibel voice alarms for warning the driver stop for the ahead dangerous situation. These measures efficiently prevent the driver mistakenly judge the water level which can reduce the related death rate.


  • Solar power for installing in any location
  • Ruggedized edge lit sign for rigorous external environments
  • Can connect to the ELLUMIN Cloud for better solving traffic problems and managing traffic order
  • Underpasses,frequently flooded areas

Activation Equipment

Water Level Sensor

-When the water level sensor detects that the water level exceeds the normal water level, the pre-warning system starts

  • Stainless steel 304 material for long-term use
  • High temperature resistance
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Warning Equipment

1.Led Warning Sign

-Once the pre-warning system starts, the led sign immediately flash to warn the drivers, the water level has exceeded the standard water level, please do not enter

  • LED lamps adopt daytime visible light design for effective warning in daytime and nighttim
  • Support customization (Customizable sign content, led lamp color, flashing frequency etc)
  • Can designed to be MUTCD-Compliant
  • Solar or AC power
  • Easy installation, low maintenance
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2.Voice Alert Module

-Once the pre-warning system starts, the voice alert module immediately alarm for drivers’ safety

  • High decibel
  • Can deactivate the voice alarm function after finishing road closure for avoiding noise pollution


-Remotely Monitor and Manage

The cloud warning platform is a technology-based platform developed by ELLUMIN. It can be connected with all ELLUMIN pre-warning systems to help you better solve traffic problems and manage traffic order

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