Variable Message Sign

LPVMS-P20 Series

  • No city power needed, install any where.
  • Energy saving up to 30%-70%. Working more than 15days without Sunshine.
  • Real time modification of display content on the cloud to suit different scenarios.
  • Customizable voice alarm function can be realized.
  • Can use with ellumin activation equipment to achieve early warning functions and improve traffic safety in different scenarios.
  • Easily manage your devices and data with Cloud Platform&Bluetooth APP.

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General Specification
Item NoLPVMS-P20-64*32
Product Size800*460*120mm (Customizable)
Frame MaterialGalvanized iron cabinet with black paint (or Aluminum)
Display Size640mm*320mm
Each Panel Size320*160mm
Each Panel Static Current10mA
Each Panel Pixel Dots16*8
Pixel Pitch20mm
LED Qty512pcs
LED Lifetime>50000H
Effective Viewing AngleHorizontal±15°,Vertical±15°
Viewing Distance>100m
Brightness Level1-10 Grade(Adjustable)
Operating Temperature-20℃~+70℃
Power SupplySolar Power
Working VoltageDC12V
Display Specification

Optical Lens type

Pixel PithP20
Display ColorRG/ Y
Led QuantityRG Bicolor led 512pcs or Single color led 512pcs
Solar Type Electrical Specification
SS-O1Solar Set Option 1DC12V 40W Solar Panel
12V 24AH Battery
SS-O2Solar Set Option 2DC12V 100W Solar Panel
12V 60AH Battery
SS-O3Solar Set Option 3DC12V 200W Solar Panel
12V 120AH Battery

2-year warranty on the radar speed sign,1-year warranty on the battery

Technical Support

Our technical support department can provide remote assistance to resolve the radar speed sign issues

Cloud Platform
Monitoring Device
  • Support searching for devices via map or keywords.
  • Click on the device to view the current settings and operational status of each devices.
Online Control Device
  • Access the cloud platform via a mobile phone, tablet, or computer to remotely control the energy-saving screen devices, regardless of distance
    • Remotely turn on/off the device
    • Remote adjustment of text
Programmable Control
  • Customize dates and time periods to control device activation
  • Can be programmed to control individual or multiple devices
Emergency Notification
  • When traffic emergencies or issues occur, administrators will receive notifications through email and the web immediately
  • Receive notifications for:
    • Low voltage notification
    • Device off-line notification
Bluetooth APP
Online Control Device
  • Turn on/off device
  • Adjust text
  • Adjust screen brightness
  • Use for Temporary Traffic control Area: Install LPVMS in the temporary traffic control areas to remind drivers to slow down.
  • Use for Construction Zone Warning: Install LPVMS in the construction area to remind drivers to be careful when passing
  • Use for Radar Speed Warning: Install LPVMS with radar detector to display speed and remind drivers to slow down.
  • Use for Pedestrian Crossing Warning: Install LPVMS with push button on pedestrian crossing to warn drivers to slow down and give way.
  • Use for Level Crossing Warning: Install LPVMS with radar detector at level crossings to alert drivers of the traffic condition on main road.
  • Use for Curve Meeting Warning: Install LPVMS with radar detector on curves to prevent blind spots of curve meeting and slow down.
  • Use for Vehicle Over Height Warning: Use LPVMS in front the bridges or tunnels with height limit sensor to ensure the vehicles’ safety height or to alert drives to alternate route.
  • Use for High Water Level Warning: Install LPVMS with water level sensor to warn of deep water ahead, please take a detour.
Use for Temporary Traffic control Area
Use for Construction Zone Warning
Use for Radar Speed Warning
Use for Pedestrian Crossing Warning
Use for Level Crossing Warning
Use for Intersection Warning
Use for Curve Meeting Warning
Use for Vehicle Over Height Warning
Use for High Water Level Warning