Variable Message Sign, Tunnel Emergency Light

XAS Series

  • Robust construction, suitable for harsh conditions.
  • Image and text can be customized.
  • Front Patch LED Display Screen: Having a larger viewing angle than the traditional plug-in display screen, drivers can clearly see the contents of the display screen no matter at the front or at the side.
  • Waterproof: All sides are protected by silicone foam gasket.
  • 180°Openable Design: Easy maintenance and installation.
  • Anti-theft Design: Itis locked with the 2 hooks, then locked by 2 locks again.

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Item NoXAS-400-SXAS-400-DXAS-600-SXAS-600-D
Product Size400*400*150mm400*400*150mm600*600*150mm600*600*150mm
MaterialSheet metal materialSheet metal materialSheet metal materialSheet metal material
VoltageAC85V-265V,Normal 220VAC85V-265V,Normal 220VAC85V-265V,Normal 220VAC85V-265V,Normal 220V
Luminescence typeSingle-sided luminescenceDouble-sided luminescenceSingle-sided luminescenceDouble-sided luminescence
LED NumberRed 153PCS,Green 120 PCSRed 306PCS,Green 240 PCSRed 208PCS,Green 156PCSRed 416PCS,Green 312PCS
Protection Level>IP54>IP54>IP54>IP54

Used on tunnel, highway, toll station.