Road Stud


  • Durable material cabinet with black paint design for Anti-oxidation,weatherproof and longer service life.
  • Replace easily: Base(Fix inside the road), Body(Detachable)
  • Function:Constant lighting, Flashing, Sequential flashing, Synchronized flashing(Custom function)
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Can connect with Signal Light
  • Low maintenance cost

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LED Brick
Item No.HSD-C-30*30
MaterialPolymer composite material + single-layer quartz pebble
Led Brick size300*300*50mm
LED colorRed/Green/White/Custom
Light powerRed 9.8W,Green 7W , White 7.8W
Working temperature-40℃~+80℃
Loading capacity≥40 Tons
Led brick body water absorption0.04%
Ground Cage Embedded Parts
MaterialGalvanized steel
Control System
Input voltageAC220V
Rated output voltageDC24V
Rated output power1400W
Standby power consumption≤10W
Installation address(Recommend)

Crosswalk, Pedestrian waiting area, etc.

Installation method
  1. Placing isolation equipment before installation to ensure the personal safety of staff.
  2. Measuring, positioning, laying out.
  3. Cutting and excavation of water stable layer. The excavation depth is 350mm; the excavation width is 700mm (corresponding to 400mm×200mm bricks) for the luminous bricks inlaid in the pedestrian waiting area, motor vehicle stop line, and zebra crossing; the excavation length is the overall length of the floor tiles to be laid, one row One-time laying of floor tiles.
  4. Embedded embedded parts. The embedded parts include the hot-dip galvanized base and the cable protection tube of the size required by the project. The cable protection tube is cut to a suitable length and penetrated into the opening of the embedded part; The cable threading pipe is Φ50SC, and the cable threading pipe doubles as a drainage pipe.
  5. Pre-embed the foundation of the control box and build a threading well.
  6. Base with reinforcement.
  7. After the concrete is poured, use a vibrating rod to make it uniform, and the concrete pouring height is 3cm lower than the ground.
  8. Asphalt is laid 3cm from the ground. After the asphalt is laid, compact it with a small road roller or tamper.
  9. Thread cables and install led brick.
  10. Connect the 220V power supply and the traffic light signal to the control box and debug it.