Light Control Area-Intelligent Pedestrian System


Traffic lights are often placed in areas where traffic is large to regulate the traffic behavior of the drivers and the pedestrians. However, the actual binding force of traffic lights on the pedestrians is poor, and the behavior of pedestrians smashing red lights always happens. This not only violates the traffic rules, increases the road burden, but also has serious traffic safety hazards


The Light Control Area-Intelligent pedestrian system can be used with traffic light to urge the pedestrians to abide by traffic rules, regulate the pedestrians’ traffic behaviors, enhance pedestrians’ traffic safety awareness, and ensure the pedestrians safety


  • Can be used with traffic light for light control area crosswalk safety
  • Can be used with ELLUMIN road stud for non-light control area crosswalk safety
  • Can connect to the ELLUMIN Cloud for better solving traffic problems and managing traffic order
  • Light control area crosswalk

Activation Equipment

Automatically Detecting Device
  • One-directional discrimination function (only detects the pedestrian who will cross the crosswalk )
  • People flow data collection function
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Warning Equipment

1.Led Signal Light
  • Providing full journey warning for the pedestrians who are or will cross the crosswalk
2.Led Display Screen
  • Larger visible angle
  • Customizable text content
3.Voice Warning
  • Customizable voice content


-Remotely Monitor and Manage

The cloud warning platform is a technology-based platform developed by ELLUMIN. It can be connected with all ELLUMIN pre-warning systems to help you better solve traffic problems and manage traffic order

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